The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

ICRP in brief

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practice is committed to supporting the adult learning process in creating cultural safe environments and communities. As a result, the Institute offers an array of Indigenous based learning opportunities.

Developing a culturally restorative model of practice

The purpose of the workshop is to provide the participants with an introduction to culturally restorative child welfare practice. Participants will learn about the foundation of culturally restorative practice through the mechanism of cultural attachment theory and how some of its principles have created a new methodology to child welfare services for First Nation people. The rebuilding of communities through the language, teachings, customs, ceremonies, roles and responsibilities, as well as societal structures is a significant feat of this workshop.

The mechanisms of cultural attachment theory to achieve cultural restoration has suggested the greater the application of cultural attachment strategies the greater the response to cultural restoration processes within a First Nation community. This directly proportional proposition suggests an alternative strategy with First Nation people, which is based on reinvestment in cultural attachment strategies in First Nation communities.