The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

ICRP in brief

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practices

The Institute for Culturally Restorative Practice is committed to supporting the adult learning process in creating cultural safe environments and communities. As a result, the Institute offers an array of Indigenous based learning opportunities.

Historical trauma and Internalized oppression

The purpose of this educational seminar is to provided participants with an understanding our history as Indigenous people and how this history is essential when working with individuals, families, extended families, and communities.

In working with history, this seminar discusses historical trauma and its effects on ourselves as individuals, families, and communities. Historical trauma refers to the cumulative wounding across generations as well as during one’s current life span. Often times, for Indigenous people, the legacy of genocide include distortions of indigenous identity, self concept, and values. This seminar provides the opportunities to learn, process, and re-integrate our understanding of our culture.